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Houghton, MI

Social Worker & Team Leader

MSW. Full-time. Full benefits. $42,000-48,000. Michigan license preferred.

About the Program: Families UPward is a new prevention/early intervention program serving the Western Upper Peninsula out of the U.P. KIDS Houghton office. The Families UPward program is aimed at families at risk of or experiencing trauma, particularly due to transgenerational cycles. Services will be home-based and multi-faceted to address an array of issues with the whole family; intensive because of the complexity of generational issues, and long-term to overcome barriers.

This program has two goals: prevent or provide early intervention of trauma inflicted on children (ie: poverty, violence, substance abuse, neglect) and to break transgenerational cycles of trauma and the associated stress on families.

Targeted family groups are single moms without a high school diploma or GED, Children K-3rd grade with excessive absences, and families with children ages 0-8 who had a protective services investigation but were not confirmed as abused or neglected so still remain outside of “the system.”

The home-based approach to be used by U.P. KIDS is a hybrid of the following evidenced-based programs:

1. Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (

2. Healthy Families America (

3. Wraparound (

4. Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring (

About the position: The social worker/team leader (TM) will be the first employed in the new program (full-time, full benefits). The goals and general approach of the program have been set but many aspects have not yet been designed or determined. This is an opportunity for the TM to own it! For the first two or three months after being hired, the TM will work closely with the executive director to finish the final design of the program, get to know collaborators, local providers and referring agencies, and receive training and technical support from the field. Nearing the end of three months, the TM will hire the first family worker who will work closely with the TM with all families.

It is anticipated that within 2+ years the program will expand to two family workers in the Western U.P., and possibly further into central and eastern U.P.

Position requirements: MSW, flexible work schedule and availability to families during non-traditional hours are required.

Michigan license, In-home family work, training in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT), and/or substance abuse intervention experience preferred.

About the agency: U.P. KIDS began in 1899 as the Good Will Farm Orphanage and transitioned into youth residential homes in the early 1970s. Currently, the agency provides foster care, adoption, post adoption, family reunification, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and several in-home support programs (see

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