Interpreter / Translator / Transporter - (On Call) - St. Vincent Catholic Charities

Job Details
Lansing, MI

Languages needed:

  • Karenni
  • Rohingya
  • Kinyarwanda / Swahili

Provide direct support to clients as directed, deemed or appropriate at the request and/or direction of supervisory staff. Direct support includes interpretation and translation of documents and transportation services relating to clients, program and agency. Forges mutually respectful partnerships with persons served and their families to assist them in gaining skills and confidence to address the problems and issues they face. Sets limits and maintains the helping role of the practitioner and intervenes appropriately to meet the needs of the persons or family members served. Believes in the capacity of people to grow and change. Provide interpretation & translation services, both within the Agency/Program and to outside the Agency partners, if applicable. Provide transportation, as deemed necessary, from the airport (arrival), for DHS. Social Security, health appointments, employment services clothing, supportive services, etc. Case note all appropriate contacts and activities as directed.

*This is an on call position, hours fluctuate and are not guaranteed*

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