Children's Home Program Manager - St. Vincent Catholic Charities

Job Details

The CH Manager supports the Children's Home treatment and intervention philosophy by instructing and assuring its implementation and practice by all supervisors and youth advocates in their work with youth. The CH Manager provides supervision, teaching, and guidance to all unit/CCAP supervisors to ensure ongoing growth and development. Provides leadership for all members of the team; attends and actively participates in various meetings (team, supervisor, CH leadership, etc. Ensures compliance of supervisory team to program Behavior Management Procedures. The CH Manager supports the philosophy of trauma informed care and strength-based intervention. The CH Manager will provide clear expectation and oversight of supervisory team regarding most effective intervention and strategies to be used within the program; towards staff and children. Effectively helps the supervisory team create and sustain a strength based 'culture' that recognizes and values progress toward therapeutic goals. Supports the day-to-day needs of the program and helps create context so that physical managements continue to decrease and alternative interventions continue to increase.

The CH Manager will focus on the following areas of programmatic need, continued oversight and growth opportunity:

  • Forge and establish working partnerships/bonds within the multi-disciplinary teams
  • Guide supervisors on building/develop their staff with a focus on individual strengths and growth areas
  • Help supervisors develop action plans and individual unit missions and visions
  • Development and implementation of hiring and retention goals, strategies, and initiatives for CH
  • Focus on continual agency efforts regarding employee job satisfaction
  • Assist in disciplinary action when needed with supervisors



Job Types:

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