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Title:                Pregnancy Options Counselor



                         The Pregnancy Options Counselor shall hold at least a bachelor’s degree 

                         from an accredited college or university  in a human behavioral 

                         science field. The Pregnancy Options Counselor will maintain a license with the 

                                     State of Michigan if applicable to degree.  


Appropriate candidate for this position must have the ability to handle stress well, have the ability to be an active listener with good clinical observation skills, be flexible and able to handle change, be a team player yet able to work independently, able to multi-task, and maintain case responsibility and follow-through. Appropriate candidate must be able to understand the issues related to individuals facing an unplanned pregnancy as well as maintain respect and compassion for their choices. Appropriate candidate must have the ability, experience, education, and training to perform the duties assigned. Appropriate candidate must be able to understand and follow the agency’s Mission and Vision statements.


Candidate may not have been convicted of child abuse or neglect, a felony involving harm or threatened harm to an individual within the 10 years immediately preceding the date of hire, or be listed on the central registry as a perpetrator of child abuse or child neglect. The Pregnancy Options Counselor shall possess a valid Driver’s License, positive driving record and proof of automobile insurance. 


Hands Across The Water does not discriminate against an employee or applicant for employment with respect to hire, tenure, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment, or a matter directly or indirectly related to employment, because of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, height, weight, marital status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, political beliefs or mental or physical disability.


Salary:             According to the current salary schedule.


Job Overview:

The Pregnancy Options Counselor is responsible for working with individuals facing an unplanned pregnancy.  Applicant is responsible for ensuring compliance of the program with applicable provisions of all governing rules, including state and federal laws and policies.  The Pregnancy Options Counselor will assist prospective birth parents understand their parenting choices and securing services as needed. Should adoption be chosen, the Pregnancy Options Counselor will advocate for birth parents and facilitate the placement and relationship. There will be work in-office and in-home with clients. 


Training:          Training will include job shadowing with Infant Adoption Supervisor, plus a minimum of 36 hours of orientation and initial training for new employees, which includes completing similar training as is required of adoptive families, webinars, agency information session, reading and reflection.


Job Responsibilities and Duties:


1.         Counseling pregnant women, their partners and their supports/families and be primarily responsible for the assessment of the needs and resources available.

2.         Assist pregnant women, their partners and their supports/families with understanding their parenting options.

3.         Assist pregnant women, their partners and their supports/families access the services needed to parent their child if they choose and refer them to further resources to assist them in parenting.

4.         Assist pregnant women, their partners and their families throughout the adoption process if adoption is their parenting plan.

5.         Refer women to appropriate, supportive medical services if abortion is chosen.

6.         Compile medical and social histories on pregnant women if adoption is their plan. 

7.         Maintain contact with pregnant women minimally once each month until services are no longer needed as determined by client, Counselor and/or Infant Adoption Supervisor.

8.         Develop the Infant Adoption Program by maintaining contact and services awareness with outside service providers.

9.         Work outside of regular office hours, including evening and weekend hours, in order to attend to the needs of clients when necessary.

10.       Maintain thorough case files on clients served.

11.       Audit case records quarterly to ensure completeness, timeliness, compliance with prescribed services, and adherence to licensing standards, accreditation, and policies; make recommendations and assure corrective action as needed.

12.       Attend agency staff meetings.

13.       Attend program meetings.

14.       Participate in agency trainings as directed.

15.       Maintain 15 hours of job related training per year.

16.       Maintain an up-to-date personnel file as directed by the Human Resources Specialist.

17.       Other duties as assigned by Infant Adoption Supervisor




The Pregnancy Options Counselor is accountable to the Infant Adoption Supervisor





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