2018 Compensation Data Report available for purchase

Data reflected in the 2018 Compensation Data Report was provided by 52 private, nonprofit human service agencies across Michigan, current as of January 31, 2018. The Federation member response rate was 90%...thank you! Copies of the report were distributed were put into the U.S. mail on Wednesday, September 25, addressed to Full Member CEOs and HR Directors

It is available for purchase by other interested parties.

Questions regarding the survey should be directed to Rose Homa, rose@michfed.org. Many thanks to those who invested their time and energy completing this survey; you’ve made this an especially valuable resource for yourselves and your colleagues!

To purchase the 2018 report, the following prices apply: $150 for Federation Members and Corporate Sponsors; $200 for non-participating non-Federation entities. Send your request and payment to Michigan Federation for Children and Families, 620 S Capitol Ave, Suite 325, Lansing, MI 48933. Or e-mail your request to jenny@michfed.org and pay via credit card at this link (a 4% administrative charge will be added to your order): https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MichfedPayment

NEW 2019 Child Welfare In-Service Training catalog featuring opportunities that are offered FREE of charge

Attached you will find the NEW 2019 Child Welfare In-Service Training catalog featuring opportunities that are offered FREE of charge to child welfare workers and supervisors at private agencies that contract with MDHHS, as well as DHHS employees.

The Leadership training opportunities focus on staff engagement and retention. The Webinar training opportunities are geared towards both caseworkers and supervisors. 

Please also help spread the word with families that you work with about the Caregiver training opportunities—accessible by webinar.

All of these trainings are DHHS approved for meeting the in-service training hour requirements set forth by DHHS requiring all caseworkers to receive a minimum of at least 32 hours of in-service training hours annually, and supervisors 16 hours annually. Training participants may also earn CE hours.

Please direct any questions you may have about these courses to the MSU School of Social Work or the university hosting these trainings- and remember to register soon, as courses have limited space and will fill up quickly!

2018 Federation Member Mentor of the Year

Brian Philson, President & CEO of Highfields, Inc., is presented with the 2018 Federation Member Mentor of the Year award. Brian is known for his steadfast leadership in the field. His peers seek him out for guidance and advice. Brian imparts his deep knowledge and experience in a manner that others know they can trust. He is able to help others successfully navigate their environment when faced with ethical dilemmas or questions of how to respond to a situation at their agency. Brian does not tell others what to do; he simply offers paths to consider and mentors others as they make critical decisions. Brian invests his time and energy in supporting others in achieving their own success, shows an enthusiasm for the work of his colleagues across the state, and consistently shows up at the table with a positive thought, calm demeanor and a high-five. 


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