2018 Federation Member Mentor of the Year

Brian Philson, President & CEO of Highfields, Inc., is presented with the 2018 Federation Member Mentor of the Year award. Brian is known for his steadfast leadership in the field. His peers seek him out for guidance and advice. Brian imparts his deep knowledge and experience in a manner that others know they can trust. He is able to help others successfully navigate their environment when faced with ethical dilemmas or questions of how to respond to a situation at their agency. Brian does not tell others what to do; he simply offers paths to consider and mentors others as they make critical decisions. Brian invests his time and energy in supporting others in achieving their own success, shows an enthusiasm for the work of his colleagues across the state, and consistently shows up at the table with a positive thought, calm demeanor and a high-five. 

2018 Federation Member Leader in Child Welfare

Lenora Hardy-Foster, President & CEO of Judson Center, is presented with the 2018 Federation Member Leader in Child Welfare award for being an outstanding leader in the field. Lenora has testified in front of the Senate Oversight Committee, significantly contributing to passage of the “state pays first” legislation that will positively impact service provision and financial stability for private agencies throughout the state. Lenora’s staff have expressed to Federation staff on several different occasions how she has helped to challenge and encourage them to grow in their own leadership skills in a nurturing environment. Lenora is both humble when she speaks, and demonstrates support and enthusiasm for everyone’s work, driving her peers to take action that is reflective of what is right for kids and families through our collective work. The Federation staff deeply appreciates the many contributions Lenora brings to the nonprofit network throughout the year.

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